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July 16, 2013
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.: Ginga Plush Collection: 10/20/2013 :. by Dunkin-Prime .: Ginga Plush Collection: 10/20/2013 :. by Dunkin-Prime

My Ginga Densetsu Weed Plush collection as of 10/20/2013-
UPDATE: Got Small Akame yesterday- Just now decided to do a group photo. Also got an Extra Small Jerome but he's for my bro *Itachislilgirl
Also have a custom Yukimura plush added now. And also (NOT PICTURED) a bootleg Akame that a good friend got me as a surprise gift a few weeks back. He's not pictured as there was no room at all.

This collection has taken a LOT of blood, sweat, tears and money to acquire. And sadly I'm no where near being as done as I'd like to be. But its a work in progress for sure. And totally worth the money and effort it takes to get them.
A lot of hunting and in some cases bartering was involved in this collection but it worked-

I'm very proud of my collection- I love them to bits <3

For those who are unaware- These plushies are INCREDIBLY RARE- And can be quite pricey to acquire- You got to know where to look and know what your looking for cus sadly there are some bootlegs out there.
These plushies are from a Japanese Anime/Manga Series called "Ginga Densetsu Weed".

I'd like to have a full set of the smalls at some point. My grails are Rocket, George, Kagetora and Riki. But I'm also in need of John, Ben and Gin to have a complete set. I'd love to at some point have a Large Jerome and Ken. Though I'm not too bothered by the large versions since I actually prefer the smalls, they are much easier to photograph together in a group.
Only 200 were made of the Large plushies and 1000 were made of the small ones. So they are in quite limited quantities which happens to be one of the major reasons for their worth-

There are 2 versions of the small plushies- The first run has embroidered markings/Scars like that of the large plushies, and the Second run has the Drawn Scars/Markings (Almost like marker).
The 1st run is a slightly better quality but both are just as rare as the other.

Plushies Pictured-

:bulletblue:Large CUSTOM Yukimura- made by one of my friends- He's very big and detailed.
:bulletred: Large CUSTOM Riki- Made by one of my besties.
:bulletred:Large Weed (Mint)- The 2nd Ginga plush I purchased- though he was the first to arrive ^^
:bulletblue:Large Kyoshiro (Mint w/ tag)- I got him back in January from Urumi through the help of a good pal. He has embroidered scars.
:bulletred: Small Weed - This guy came to me as a RESCUE. He was incredibly played with, soiled, dirty but I was fortunately able to clean him up. Got him for a Bargain thanks to !the-magical-macaroni
:bulletblue: Small Mel (Mint w/ tag)- This plush has quite the history with me. I owned him once before a little over a year ago. Got rid of him, then a year later got him back. He's been on quite the journey but luckily his journey is at an end- He's one of my faves <3
:bulletred: Small Ken (Mint w/ tag)- The first EVER Ginga plush I bought (Though I received Large Weed in the mail first) He's the version with the drawn scars. But that matters not to me ^^ Got him from *SteelFangs
:bulletblue: Small Jerome 2: Going to be living with my bestie soon. Was purchased for her he's just in my collection for the time being ;D
:bulletred: Small Weed- This guy is the better of the two as far as condition goes. Got him from my pal ~Kuuvak Thanks hun <3
:bulletblue: Small GB- My FAVE among my plushies. Gb came to me as a half trade half purchase from ~ShinyToyDinosaurs and is the 3rd plush I got. He's the version with the Embroidered spots.
:bulletred: Small Jerome- This guy was actually one of my grails. I managed to get him in December 2012 as a Christmas present. I love him dearly though he is the drawn markings version- I really could care less. Would love to get the large version of this guy <3
:bulletblue: Small Kyoshiro- Embroidered Scar version. Got him from the same person I got Mel, Small Weed 2 from. He was very dirty when I received him but was able to clean him up. I did have the drawn scar version of Kyo for over a year before getting this guy as a replacement. Now the other I had belongs to my pal.
NEW :bulletred: Small Akame  Mint w/ Tag)- My newest Edition <3 A grail achieved! This guy came to me yesterday in the mail from a good friend of mine in Japan (The extra Jerome came along with him). He's the lesser quality version but I don't care <3

:bulletblue: COMING SOON-

Custom 10" Replica of the Offical Large Akame (Plush/Commission) - Darkpheonixchild

large custom Kagetora, Gin, Tesshin (From my bro who made the Large custom Riki pictured with collection)


:star: Acquired From): - These are the places in which I got them-

Small Jerome 2 (Friends)- Yahoo!Japan Auctions

Large Weed - Ebay (2011)

Small Akame - Yahoo!Japane Auctions

Large Kyoshiro - Urumi

Small Weed 2 - Private Sell (Magical Macaroni)

Small Mel/Mer - Private Sell (Magical Macaroni)

Small Ken - Ebay (Steelfangs)

Small Kyoshiro - Private Sell (Magical Macaroni)

Small Weed - Private Sell (Kuuvak)

Small GB - Ebay/ Part Trade-purchase  (Shinytoydinosaurs)

Small Jerome - Private Seller (SilvertoraGe)


Note: Some of the sellers that sold to me privately are still active collector's. So please do not bother them with questions to purchase. Others are no longer fans/actively collecting and no longer have any for sale at this time. Thank you.

My Collection back in May 2012:

Back in December 2012:

Back in March 2013:

At the time one of those Small Weeds Went to live with my bff *Itachislilgirl but I then acquired the other for a deal (Since he was played with) so now I have 2 once again. And no neither of them will ever be for sale any time soon.
My collection has come a long way- And I am in no way bragging I just like to show the progress I've made. Its definitely worth while considering how hard they are to find.

My FULL Collection (Though this photo needs an update as I've gotten more stuff since then): Will be updating my Entire Ginga collection once I get the stuff I ordered.

SOME OTHER AWESOME GINGA COLLECTOR'S/COLLECTIONS- Go to their page to view their collections-
- ~Huskypawz
- ~Satsuma1
- ~methpring
- *SteelFangs
- ~Fritaa
- ~Anttu-chan
- ~ShinyToyDinosaurs
- *Itachislilgirl

Theres a LOT of awesome Ginga collections on DA ^^ More than I could possibly link or picture.

Photo (c) *DunkinUchiha
Not for free use- All Rights Reserved. This photo is not to be used or reposted anywhere for any reason without my prior permission.
Thanks to those who've sold me these guys over the years X3

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Kyroishu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  New member Student Artist
Id do anything for the small weed :'(
rocky311b Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
how do you tell boot legs from the official plush? 
Dunkin-Prime Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The officials are very rare and when they do pop up they usually sell for around 150-1000 dollars. The ones on ebay are bootleg
rocky311b Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow thanks then probably have a boot leg that's help ful
okamiRules Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
I want some so bad T.T
Dunkin-Prime Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol yeah- Ginga is one of the most expensive things to collect. Its a shame really :/
okamiRules Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
very beautiful collection tho... 
lol.. XD
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Thanks C: I love Riki so much, he's my favourite Ginga character ^^
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